Who invented the internet? The story behind the creation of the Internet!

history of internet

The Internet was introduced by connecting a few computers to a network structure. Little did anyone know then that the Internet would be transformed into a virtual world like today. No individual or company has created this physical and virtual network as vast as the Internet. Throughout the ages, many computer scientists, engineers, programmers have transformed an integrated network into today’s Internet by upgrading it to various features. So the contribution of the inventor of the Internet should never be given to a single person or a single organization. Not only a complete network but also various important technologies related to it such as IP address, domain, emaine, packet transfer, etc. have made the Internet fully functional. And these were not made by one person, many leading personalities have discovered them year after year.

ARPANET has been hailed as a portrait and model of the modern Internet. The basic infrastructure of the modern internet was first revealed in ARPANET. ARPANET was created to make the American military’s communications system more efficient and improved.

The concept of the modern Internet and the World Wide Web originated from a wide area network. And the name of this network was ARPANET. This ARPANET was a network created by the American Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPANET). Robert Taylor, an American scientist, was the first to come up with the idea of ​​a network like ARPANET. Work on this intercomputer network, called ARPANET, began in 1986. The network also created a regionally strong network of city and area universities and research institutes connected to the mainframe computer. It was at this point that Raymond Tomlinson discovered the first electronic mail and examined the first email.

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We know that data crossing in modern internet is through packet switching/data packet. Any type of data here is divided into a number of mathematical and numerical packets. Interestingly, this packet-switching technology was used for data crossing in ARPANET. It was very easy to access from one computer to another using ARPANET.

This ARPANET model, which pioneered the modern Internet, has been steadily improving since 1986. Here is a picture of what ARPANET was like in 1986

 ARPANET was like in 1986

Vint Surf and Robert Kahn are two of the legends behind the creation of the modern Internet. Because they invented the Internet Protocol (IP Address) and the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). This technology, invented in the mid-60s, allowed any type of Internet communication to be conducted through this IP address, HTTP, or FTP. IP and TCP are called Internet Protocol Suites. Here TCP makes the communication from one IP address to another IP address more reliable. This Internet Protocol Suite is the lifeblood of modern Internet communication.

Different pages or files on large mainframe computers or servers can be accessed using IP addresses such as numbers. However, these large numbers are often difficult to remember, so a new part of the modern Internet, introduced in 1975, “domain name”.

Vint Surf and Robert Kahn>inventor of internet

You have entered articlesixteen.com by entering this domain or by clicking on a link that writes this domain. Articlesixteen is basically based on an IP address. And this is the IP address of the server of Articlesixteen. Websites could also be visited using an IP address. However, these IP addresses are difficult to remember, moreover, there are many limitations. To solve this problem, Paul Mokapetris and John Postel, two computer scientists, invented the domain name system in the 80’s. Simply put, the domain name or hides the IP address.

The oldest domain name in the world and the first registered domain name is symbolics.com. This domain is currently being used for THE BIG INTERNET MUSEUM or the website of the largest internet museum.

Raymond Tomlinson> inventor of www
Raymond Tomlinson

Another communication revolution in ARPANET took place in the 60’s, with the invention of the email system, the system for sending messages. Raymond Tomlinson was the originator of the e-mail business. He was the one who chose this @ symbol for email. Initially it was used with IP address but later it was also used to create email address with domain address / name. He first sent an experimental mail in 1981, in which he wrote “something like QWERTYUIOP”.

invention of the internet

In the 90’s, Tim Berners-Lee created the HyperText MarkUp Language or HTML Language. The language that started publishing documents in the form of web versions is still being used today. This gradually led to the creation of official webpages and many more languages. Tim Berners-Lee launched his first website on the Internet on August 6, 1991, where he described the role of the web in information search. This was the beginning of the World Wide Web or www.

Technology is very wide and ever changing, every time someone changes, expands and enriches the technology. So one cannot be recognized behind the discovery of anything technical. The work of some of the leading scientists in the age of the Internet, such as computer scientists, programmers, engineers. No one has brought the internet into today’s situation. Thanks to the efforts of these pioneers, today’s Internet has become an “information superhighway”.

The experimental and realistic nature of the Internet, however, was first seen through ARPANET in 1986. Yet many have long dreamed of an active network like the Internet. The inventor of modern electricity, Nikola Tesla, came up with the idea of ​​the “World Wireless System” in 1900, whose activities were similar to those of the modern Internet. From the 1930s to the 1940s, technology visionaries Paul Atlet and Vanivar built bus searchable storage systems for books and media files. The introduction of the modern Internet began with the use of “packet switching” data transfer technology developed by scientist Leaklider in ARPANET. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day.

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