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One feature that has become quite common in newer smartphones is Wi-Fi Direct – which you can directly compare to Bluetooth technology. The Wi-Fi Alliance introduced this new name and technology in late 2010, which can be used to easily, fast, and securely share the Internet between any content, printers, and separate devices. This article discusses WiFi Direct in detail.

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WiFi Direct

Simply put, WiFi Direct is a type of technology that can connect devices that support WiFi Direct to a peer-to-peer connection, meaning that a normal WiFi connection depends on a wireless router or access point. Is not necessary in this case. Just like you turn on Bluetooth on a device, start searching for another device, then when you find it, you can connect directly and start file sharing, just like WiFi Direct works.

WiFi Direct is a lot like an ad-hoc WiFi network, but here devices like Bluetooth can be searched and connected directly, which cannot be done on an ad-hoc network. WiFi Direct is much more portable and much easier to use than normal WiFi networks. Since any device can connect directly to each other directly, you will not need a router. It can be used for content sharing, file sharing, printing, gaming, screen sharing, internet connection sharing, etc., although you may or may not get any features as a device manufacturer.

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You have to search it directly to discover the device, secondly, it uses WPA2 security standard without using old and insecure WEP like Ad-Hoc network. An ad-hoc network is limited to 802.11g standard, where WiFi Direct works on 802.11n standard, which means you have to make 300 megabits/second + high-speed connection. On a smartphone or laptop/tablet, you will find the option to search/connect new devices from the menu, but for devices that do not have a screen, you can connect to WiFi Direct by just pressing a button.

This is a special feature for smartphone users. Earlier, Bluetooth was very popular for file sharing, but now WiFi technology is very popular because, with WiFi, files can be transferred at high bandwidth rates. Nowadays, everyone uses various file transfer apps to transfer files with WiFi technology, but that is not WiFi Direct. For example, when you transfer files using the ShareIt app, you have to have the same app installed on both phones, then that app creates a virtual hotspot, then file-sharing starts. But in the case of WiFi Direct, things are completely different. You don’t have to have a separate app on your phone, if your device supports the WiFi Direct feature, just turn it on from the menu, then another device will start searching, and once connected you will start transferring files, it has no add-on network at all. Or hotspots will not be created.

No router or access point is required here, because when you turn on WiFi Direct on your device, it will start behaving as an access point. But this technology works just like a completely different WiFi technology, using the same security standard and using the same speed standard, just adding some more special features with a lot of benefits in terms of connection.

Where is this technology used?

If your devices and equipment are designed to work on this technology, then maybe you are constantly using this technology beyond your knowledge. There are many Android TV boxes whose remote control is WiFi dependent, so there is no connection between the device and the remote control by creating a hotspot, but using WiFi Direct technology to create a connection between the remote control and the TV box themselves.

WiFi Direct remote control

I have already discussed in the above paragraph how convenient it can be in the case of mobile devices. It is also used in the office, such as if you want to transfer any data from the client’s laptop or smartphone, in case of temporary use you do not need to connect to the office WiFi hotspot, you can easily transfer the necessary files using WiFi Direct. And since it supports cross-platform, whatever the device or operating system, you can easily connect to any device and enjoy its features.

The features that WiFi Direct has mentioned, but every feature in real life use exists. It may take a while for this standard to become common to all smartphones or any device, but many modern smartphones already have this feature. Using Bluetooth low power is a good thing, but when it comes to speed, WiFi Direct will give you a lot of freedom!

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