What is the function of I’m feeling lucky button in Google search?

i'm feeling lucky button

It is almost impossible to find people who do not use Google search. We all use Google search every day if we need to search for anything. Most of the internet users enter their search query in Google’s search box and go directly to the search results by pressing Enter on the keyboard. Many times we don’t even notice that there is a separate search button on Google’s webpage for searching.

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And many of us have probably forgotten that there is another button next to the search button called I’m feeling lucky. Now that you have started reading this post, you may have noticed that there is another button with this name at the bottom of the Google search box. But have you ever tried to see what happens when you press this button? Maybe did, or maybe never did. However, if you haven’t, find out today!

The name of the button is very fancy but the work of this button is not very complicated. When we search directly by typing our keywords in the search box, Google shows us a number of results or links related to our keywords, which we can visit by clicking if we wish.

However, if you type your search keyword in the search box and click the I’m feeling lucky button next to it without clicking the search button, Google will not show you a list of any search results. Instead, it will direct you to visit the link of the first search result. That is, if you search normally, the website or the link that was shown to you at the beginning of the search results, if you click the I’m feeling lucky button, you will be redirected directly to that link without showing any search results.

As a result, you no longer have to manually enter the first link after the search results. This may save you a few seconds. Why the first result? Why not any other result? Because, when you search for something, most of the time what you are looking for is at the top of the search results. This is why the I am feeling lucky button redirects you to the first search result. You can say now, almost always, but I will not always have the link I need in the first search results! Number 3 or number 5 may also be in the search results.

Of course! This is why this button has been named I am feeling lucky. That is, by clicking this button you can go directly to your expected website, if you are lucky. So you can expect to get into the right link by clicking this button when you feel lucky. Google has put it as an Easter egg to test its luck. However, if you click this button without typing anything in the search box, Google will take you to their Doodles page, where you will see a showcase of some of Google’s previous customized logos, which are customized by Google for various festivals.

However, for Google, but I’m feeling lucky button is not very convenient. As we all know, the biggest part of Google’s revenue comes from Google search, where users are shown targeted ads and sponsored content on the search results page. But when a user feels lucky without having to search normally and clicks the I’m feeling lucky button to test the luck, Google can no longer show him any ads on the search results page, since he has to redirect directly to another link!

But as you can imagine, almost no one like you or me ever clicks on the I’m feeling lucky button. According to Google, only one percent of their users click this button. But for an industry like Google, one percent of users means a lot more. You may not know that Google loses about 110 million US dollars in revenue every year because of this one percent user and this I’m feeling lucky button!

Even after so much revenue loss, Google still puts the same feeling I’m feeling lucky button on their website just to keep up with their tradition for so many years and that’s a pretty funny thing! You go to Google search and type Articlesixteen in the search box and then click on the I’m feeling lucky button, you will go directly to the Articlesixteen website. And if that is not the case, then you are not very lucky!

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