What is software piracy? Aren’t you using stolen software?

software piracy

Many of us do not know, what is software piracy? You may use a document editor, photo editor, video editor or Windows operating system for free on your PC, and you may not know if these are real software! Software piracy means stealing or bypassing original and legally protected software and using it for free. So the software you are using is valid? How do you know if your software is pirated? Why can you come to it? Let’s discuss.

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Software piracy

Software piracy is the theft or use of any copyrighted software. Even if you bought the software with money, it was later copied to someone else in piracy. Because the personal license is only for 1 or limited users, it cannot be copied or distributed, everyone has to take a separate license to use it.

However, not all software piracy is for direct money income, it can be involved in malicious matters. A hacker modifies paid software to infect many PCs and spreads it for free, making it easy for people to use it as free software and get infected with malware.

Suppose again, you have two computers, one for which you really paid for the software and the other for which you installed the software. Now even though you are using personal and if your software license is for single PC then yes, here you are doing piracy! Hope you understand the definition of software piracy.

Aren’t you using pirated software?

Many people already know the answer, many people knowingly use free Windows, use free Adobe software or Microsoft software. Especially in underdeveloped countries, where people are desperate to buy a computer, perhaps no one imagines buying software for thousands of dollars. So their words are different, they may be helpless to use pirated software.

But even after you buy the software with money, your software may be a pirated version. In that case, how do you know if your software is genuine? Well, it may be helpful to understand a few things in mind.

Always try to buy from the original developer’s website to get the original software, it will have more chances to get the original software. If you buy software at a much lower price from an online shop, it may be a pirated copy! If there is a huge difference in price, most of the time it is pirated copy.

After buying most of the software you need to activate it later. But if the activation process of any software is too long after you buy it, then you will understand that the software may be pirated, and you may be bypassing the activation process by not activating it!

Original software certainly provides regular updates, and most purchased software provides updates for free. If you do not want to update the purchased software or ask to buy the software again after the update, then the software is more likely to be pirated!

Why is pirated software harmful?

Most pirated software has hidden malware and hacking tools. Once you try common sense, why would anyone crack the software for you? Then why let you download for free? Well, there is a reason why they can earn money by downloading from the website, but most of the time their target is bigger. Because by modifying that software, it is possible to take a lot from you easily. The only benefit is that you can infect your PC once! And as a result of using pirated software, millions of computers are being infected!

On the other hand, pirated software is not updated, which means that most pirated software is not updated or does not work after. And backdated software opens up a lot of risk for your system!

You may be an individual, and the software company may not tell you anything about using pirated software. But if you have a company and use pirated software there, you can be in real danger. You may have to pay a fine and even go to jail.

Software piracy is an illegal thing. Yes, free software or operating systems are not available for every type of work, and paid tools for business should be bought and used for money! It’s up to you whether you piracy the software, but I try to stay away from it, to be honest, it’s not illegal, it’s insecure!

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