What is port 443? Why is it used, why is it so important?


When we visit a website on our computer, the computer shows the home page or interface of our website. But behind it is a huge network. But it works so fast that you can’t figure it out. And the port is a part of this networking. There are many types of ports, such as 80, 443, 3306, etc! These ports are not physical ports or devices, but virtual ports, computers allow different types of traffic in different ports!

But of all the ports, 443 is currently an important port, with the most widely used! So let’s find out, what is port 443? Why is it used, why is it so important?

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What is a port?

Port If you want to understand in a simple language then the port is like a door or window of a house. Suppose your website or server is your home. If there are no doors or windows in that room, then that room of yours cannot be considered as a house. Because the house where no man can enter, light and air cannot enter is called warehouse. Now you have made two doors for your house. You can enter through these two doors. This time you made three windows in your house. Light and air etc. can enter through these three windows. Just like you need a port to visit your website or server. You also understand that there can be many types of ports, a server or a website can have many ports. But the port is never physical, the port is virtual. You can find the port list with a Google search.

If you want to know more about the port; What is a network port? Details about Internet infrastructure – you can read this article!

What is port 443?

443 is a widely used port for secure connections. Which is used for the HTTPS protocol. If you notice that when you visit Articlesixteen, there is a lock mark next to the address bar. This means that this site is secure, meaning that any data exchange on this site will not be through plain text. The lock symbol is shown due to the HTTPS protocol and the default port of the HTTPS protocol is 443.

What is port 443

Usually, port-80 and port 443 are used for the same purpose. The only difference is that for security purposes, the server’s information is exchanged with the user on port 80 in plain text, and on port 443 the server’s data is exchanged with the user encrypted. By default port 80’s protocol is HTTP and port 443’s protocol is HTTPS!

Why is 443 so important?

Port 443 replaces all HTTP traffic with an HTTPS connection. Because now security and privacy have become the most important. Encryption is very important because it is the only way to secure the data exchange between your computer and the server.

Suppose you log in to your bank account, now I have a Man in the Middle Attack on your network. Now if your bank does not have 443 ports open and an SSL certificate installed, all your information, passwords, and other data will be exchanged with the server via plain text. Then I will be able to see all the information being exchanged with your bank. Such as your password! But if your bank’s server has port 443 open and SSL is installed then I will not see any information even after the attack. Everything will be encrypted!

If you have a website, port 443 is very important for you. The browser will try to connect to port 443 by default to make a secure connection. If port 443 is not open on the server for any reason, SSL can be installed on port 80. Currently, all browsers recommend SSL or HTTPS connection, if your site does not have SSL then most browsers show your site as “NOT SECURE”. In this case, many times you can not allow your users to visit your site. Moreover, all the current search engines recommend SSL or HTTPS connection.

How to use port 443?

Users have no reason to worry about using it! Because now all server administrators auto-activate port 443 or SSL. But even then, if you want, you can use this addon HTTPS Everywhere in your Chrome or Firefox browser.

If you are a server administrator, you must configure an NGINX or Apache server. You will need an SSL Certificate for this. You can buy an SSL Certificate from your server provider or get an SSL Certificate for free from LetsEncrypt.

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