Computer Network

Computer Network

When two or more objects are connected by something, the system is called a network. When two or more computers are connected via cable, modem, or satellite, the system is called a computer network.

Type of computer network

  • (PAN)-Personal Area Network
  • (LAN)- Local Area Network
  • (MAN)- Metropolitan Area Network
  • (WAN)- Wide Area Network

Personal Area Network

The full form of PAN is Personal Area Network.PAN is a network system that communicates information between different devices near a person. PAN is used for communication between personal devices. The range of PAN is usually limited to 10 meters. Notable devices used in PAN are laptops, PDAs, portable printers, mobiles, etc. The PAN can be connected via USB bus and fireware.

Local Area Network

The full form of LAN is Local Area Network. LAN is used for short-range space. Usually 10 km. LAN is a network that connects the required number of computers or other peripheral devices (such as printers) within a space of less than that. Most are used to establish a network between LAN buildings or two or three adjacent buildings. It is usually used in school-college or university, any large office building. LAN topology is usually star, ring. Its transmission media is usually twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, or optical fiber.

Metropolitan Area Network

The full form of MAN is Metropolitan Area Network. MAN is a network of computers and devices located in different parts of the city. It is a network of area larger than LAN. The transmission media is usually used in telephone lines, modems, or in some cases microwaves. Its distance is usually based on a city. MAN consists of multiple routers, switches, and hubs.


The full form of WAN is Wide Area Network. A computer network that covers a large geographical location is called a wide area network. This network is a computer networking system with various important cities in a country. Usually, LAN or MAN located in different cities of the world or any other computing device can be connected to this network. The world’s largest WAN example is the Internet.

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