What is coffee maker? How to use coffee maker? Types of coffee maker?

coffee maker

What is coffee maker?

Coffeemakers or coffee machines are cooking appliances used to brew coffee. While there are many different types of coffeemakers using several different brewing principles, in the most common devices, coffee grounds are placed into a paper or metal filter inside a funnel, which is set over a glass or ceramic coffee pot, a cooking pot in the kettle family. Cold water is poured into a separate chamber, which is then boiled and directed into the funnel. This is also called automatic drip-brew.

How to use coffee maker?

Coffee makers are part of millions of peoples’ routines. In the US alone, millions of people drink coffee daily. If you’ve never used a coffee machine, the brewing process can be anything but intuitive. Use these simple steps to make a satisfying cup of your favorite coffee blend

  • Add a coffee filter in the filter basket. While natural or bleached filters can be used, it’s suggested to use a non-generic one. Cheap generic filters are less dependable for good results.
  • Measure out the coffee. The more coffee you want to make, the more coffee you’ll need to put in the filter. Depending on your coffee machine and the type of coffee you are making, the ratio of coffee to water may vary. A standard ratio is about 2 tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water you plan to brew (or one full coffee grinder lid, no more). It’s advisable to double-check your coffee maker manual when deciding the ratio between coffee and water.
  • Measure out enough water to brew your coffee. To measure, you can use the measuring lines on the coffee pot or on the side of the coffee maker. Use the coffee pot to pour the water into the coffee maker – there is usually an open space behind or above the filter.
  • Now you need to plug in the coffee maker and turn it on. Some coffee makers automatically brew the coffee. Again some coffee makers have to set the time manually.
  • At this stage you will have to wait until the coffee brewing process is completely done. Some coffee maker automatically shuts down when the coffee maker’s coffee-making is complete. Again some coffee maker has a stop or pause button that has to be stopped by you
  • When coffee brewing process is done. Immediately you need to remove coffee ground from your coffee maker if you use paper filter. If you remove it too late this will be harmful for your coffee taste.

Types of coffee makers?

  • Drip Coffee Makers (electric)
Types of coffee makers
  • Thermal Coffee Makers (electric)
Thermal Coffee Makers (electric)
  • Espresso machines (electric)
    Espresso machines (electric)
  • Fully Automated Espresso Maker
    Fully Automated Espresso Maker
  • Percolators (electric)
    Percolators (electric)
  • Manual Espresso Maker
    Manual Espresso Maker
  • Siphon Coffee Makers (electric)
    Siphon Coffee Makers (electric)
  • French Press Coffee Makers (manual)
    French Press Coffee Makers (manual)
  • AeroPress (manual)
    AeroPress (manual)
  • Cold Brew Coffee Makers (Manual)
    Cold Brew Coffee Makers (Manual)
  • Vietnamese Coffee Makers (manual)
    Vietnamese Coffee Makers (manual)
  • Moka Pot Coffee Makers (stovetop)
    Moka Pot Coffee Makers (stovetop)
  • Turkish Coffee Maker (Ibrik)
    Turkish Coffee Maker (Ibrik)

How to make coffee in a coffee maker?

  • Add Water

Fill the water reservoir with cold water.

  • If you can run your tap water through a basic water filter, that’ll produce the best results.
  • Bottled water works great too!
  • Distilled water won’t do a great job, as your water does need some minerals to extract those tasty flavors. You can absolutely use the markings on your drip coffee maker or its carafe to measure water, but if you have a scale handy weigh your water for added consistency (1 ml of water weighs 1 gram). A fun idea to play with for the summer: use half as much water as usual and weigh out a half batch of ice (for this recipe, 625 g) directly in your pot. The coffee will drip onto the ice for flash-chilled iced coffee
  • Prep Filter

If your drip coffee maker uses a cone-shaped filter, fold the crimped edges in opposite directions before placing it in the filter basket. If you’re using a wavy, flat-bottomed filter, place it inside the basket as is. Some coffee makers come with a reusable stainless steel filter; if that’s the case, no prep needed.

  • Brew Coffee

If you have a bag of pre-ground coffee, just skip right over to the next paragraph. If you’re grinding fresh, start at medium grind size (some grinders have a specific “drip” setting). Since most home coffee makers don’t let you adjust settings like time and temperature, changing grind size is one of the most important ways you can influence taste. Make sure to note your grinder setting, so you can either repeat it or make an adjustment next time you’re brewing. Blade grinders don’t have the same types of settings as burr grinders, so if you’re using one of those, try to grind until most of your particles look roughly the size of sand. Add your coffee grounds to the filter and place the basket back inside the machine. Turn on the machine and wait for the brew cycle to complete. Your machine may have extra features like a “strength” selector, but our recipe works best at the default setting (and if you want coffee that’s weaker or stronger than our recipe, you can always adjust the amount of coffee next time). Brewing should take between three and five minutes on most machines, from the time the water starts dripping onto the coffee to when it drips all the way through the coffee grounds.

  • Serve & Enjoy

You’ve got some freshly brewed coffee ready to drink! If your drip machine has a glass carafe and an electric warming plate, we recommend taking that carafe off the warming plate, as the heat of that plate might make the coffee taste bitter. If you have leftover coffee and want to keep it piping hot, pour it in a thermos. When you drink your coffee, note how it tastes. If it’s more bitter than you’d like, you can grind coarser for your next batch, if it’s a little sour or not sweet enough, grind a little finer.

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