What is an emulator? What is the use of emulator?


The term emulator is quite familiar to most people who use smartphones. Many people have experience in using emulators for various purposes. Again, there are many who have not yet used the emulator, do not even know what the emulator is or what it is used for. Let us know the details about the emulator.

What is an emulator?

The word emulate means to imitate, to try to be equal. And the one who imitates or tries to be equal is the emulator. That is, we understand that the emulator helps to make one thing look like another thing. In computer terms, an emulator is a piece of hardware or software that acts as a guest computer. This type of software helps one computer system to work just like any other computer system.

On the other hand, the Android emulator works as a means to access an Android phone from another Android phone or computer. With this type of emulator, many functions of an Android phone can be run on the computer. Apps can be run, games can be played, files can be transferred. The emulator creates a suitable environment for one device to another. As a result, access can be taken from one device to another and any application can be run.

Basically, an emulator is used to run any program, software or application on one device through another device. That is, the emulator here acts as media software to sync two devices with each other.

Components of the emulator

An emulator is composed of three types of components.

  • CPU emulator (most complex part)
  • Memory subsystem emulator
  • Input or output device emulator

How does the emulator work?

The emulator enters the operating system of one device and launches another operating system with the help of hardware and software.

What is the use of emulator?

The emulator is mainly used to test apps, games, and software. When a developer develops an app or game, it needs to be tested to see if its functionality is working properly before releasing it. Before releasing to any operating system, a developer tests it on a computer with the help of an emulator.

Suppose a developer has created a game for the Android operating system. He must check all the functionality of the game before uploading it to the Play Store. Then all he has to do is run the game on the computer with an emulator to see if everything is OK.

This is the need for emulators for developers. Would you use the emulator as a normal user? Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Suppose you are a game lover. You have many favorite Android games. There are some games on your list of favorites that you often feel like playing the game on a computer!

Using the emulator, of course, you can play this game of your choice on the computer. For this, you will need an Android emulator app on your smartphone. Download and connect your smartphone to the computer, and start playing any Android game on the big screen.

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