What is a Quantum computer? Use of Quantum computers?

Quantum computer

If you listen to the discussion about quantum computing, you will think that it is science fiction. But we have reached the pinnacle of computer technology that defies logic and defies imagination. The transistors used in today’s computers are so small that they can be made with the technology at hand. So computer inventors have begun to look for possible solutions at the nuclear and ultra-atomic levels, known as quantum computing. As a result of the tremendous advances in mathematics and material science in the last 50 years, quantum computing has evolved from computer science theory to reality. That is, it came from a computer object whose main output is Artificial Intelligence.

What is a Quantum computer?

The journey of quantum computing has started using quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is another fundamental theory of physics called quantum field theory. It breaks down the energy labels of atoms and sub-atomic particles in nature into very small particles that are essential for quantum computing. Quantum computing is a theoretical computing model that uses completely different types of data from ordinary computers for various other functions, including calculations. Ordinary computers use binary data to have only one value. And quantum computers use non-binary data, which is a new type of data unit and has 2 possible values. Quantum computing is basically a sub-field of quantum information science. And in this field, there is cryptography and quantum communication. Quantum computing was first introduced in 1960 when Richard Feynman and Yuri Manin came up with the idea of simulating an object on a computer. There are currently two main methods used to create a quantum computer. One is analog and the other is digital. Analogs are again related to quantum simulation, quantum annealing, and adiabatic computation. And digital computing systems use quantum logic gates. Both again follow quantum bits or cubits.

Use of Quantum computers?

The big companies in the technology world have started an intense competition to create sustainable quantum computers and are trying to bring them to market commercially. Quantum computers will be able to deliver computing power that is not possible for conventional classical computers. It will solve any problem quickly. Learn about using Quantum computers:

The calculation time will be reduced

Today’s computers move as bits. But quantum computers will run as qubits. Current computers basically store data in bits. This bit is a binary ‘0’ or ‘1’-representative, which acts as a representative of electrical or light signals. This bits method combines eight bits into bytes, which are usually capable of storing a signal. So what’s the qubit thing? It also uses 0-1 binary to store data. But not separately. At the same time. Much like the particle and wave properties of matter described in quantum theory. This is because, in the quantum world, the same particle can be in more than one place at the same time, and its movement between waves and particles is also smooth. This is the core strength of Quantum Computer, which enables it to store a lot of data simultaneously through 0-1 coexistence. It will multiply, not double, its strength. Because this energy increases at a geometric rate. For example, if four numbers can be stored in two cubits, then three cubits will go to eight, and four cubits will be able to store 16 numbers. It also gives the ability to do multiple calculations at the same time. This reduces the calculation time. Every day we produce a lot of information. It takes a lot of computing power to process this information and extract meaningful insights from it. Quantum computers will save that time.

Will make the unreal real

Suppose it took billions of years to solve a problem. In other words, a quantum computer can solve almost impossible mathematical problems in one fell swoop. What was once considered impossible will not be impossible. Quantum computers will move ahead of conventional computers.

Data security

Many people think that encryption is enough for data security. But it is possible to create virtual encryption that cannot be broken. This will change the data security situation. Quantum computers can break most of today’s encryption systems. Instead, alternative measures such as hacking can be found.

King of speed

Google recently announced its supremacy over Quantum Computers. Google’s AI Quantum Team has taken another step forward in the field of quantum computing, according to a report published in the famous science journal Nature. Google’s Sycamore processor has been able to complete a calculation in three and a half minutes, which would take 10,000 years to make the most powerful computer in the world. Quantum computers are thousands of times faster than conventional computers, according to Catherine McGioch, a researcher at Amhurst University.

Big data solution

Every day we generate 2.5 hexabytes of data, which is equivalent to the content of 5 million laptops. Which computer will analyze the huge database? Quantum computers can process this amount of information to meet the demands of the big data age. The future is the age of machines. Data will also be generated from each miniature device. A perfect analysis of this information will be possible with a quantum computer.

Power saving

Quantum computers will not require much power. It will use 100 to 1000 times less electricity because it uses a method called quantum tunneling to reduce the cost of electricity. In addition, the computer is fragile. Any kind of vibration can affect the atom and create inconsistencies.

Advanced software and machine learning

Several types of algorithms have already been developed for quantum computers. Notable among these are the Growers algorithm for finding unstructured databases and the Simple algorithm for utilizing large numbers of products. Creating a sustainable quantum computer will help reduce the time it takes to solve machine learning problems.

Quantum computers can be said to be the function of all work. On a conventional computer, things like mail, spreadsheets, or desktop publishing may be better done. However, the goal of creating a quantum computer is different. It can basically be used as a different tool to solve different problems. It will not replace the conventional computer. Quantum computers can be used to determine the flight schedule of such an airport most accurately.

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