What is a capacitor and its use?


A capacitor is a device that can hold an electric charge. Capacitors are made by separating two or more parallel conductive sheets with a non-conductive medium. The charge holding capacity of a capacitor depends on its shape, nature and the die-electric medium used. Capacitors are usually denoted by the English letter ‘C’. Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits. Electronic circuit suiting, pure DC making, etc. are done with this material which is very simple in structure and low in price. Another name for capacitors is the container.

Symbols, units, and charges

Symbol of Capacitor

The SI unit of the capacitor is Farad (F). Because farads are so large, they are expressed by microfarads (µF), pico-farads (PF), and nano farads (nF) as needed.


The ability of a capacitor to store electrical energy or charge is called capacitance. The capacitor is in the charge state when there is a potential difference between the plates in the middle of the capacitor and in the discharge state when there is no potential difference.


Capacitance = charge / potential difference

Meaning, C = Q / V


C = capacitance,

Q = charge,

V = potential difference,

Most used Electrolytic Capacitor

This is a high capacity capacitor whose container is the most used. Although it is used in radio filter bypass circuits, it cannot be used in AC circuits. This capacitor is a parallelized capacitor with positive and negative parallelism. These are called electrolytic capacitors because electrolytes are used to make such capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are used only in circuits where DC or pulsating DC flows. Electrolytic capacitors are used to store more electricity in less space.

Ceramic Capacitor / Non-Electrolytic Capacitor

Used as die-electric in ceramic capacitors. Ceramic die-electric is very high. So the stability of this capacitor remains the same despite the change in temperature and voltage. Their values ​​typically range from 1 picofarad to 105 picofarads and their working voltage is limited to 500 volts. This type of capacitor is especially useful for short wave circuits. It is used in tuning circuits, bypass circuits, and couplings. The capacitance of ceramic capacitors is much less.

Variable Capacitor or Variable Capacitor

The value of this capacitor can be reduced or increased as required. This type of capacitor consists of more than one moving plate. The value of the plate can be reduced or increased by changing its position. This type of capacitor is usually used in radio tuning.

Use of capacitor

  • Capacitors are used in amplifiers to interrupt DC current and pass AC current.
  • Capacitors are used in the tuning circuit of radios.
  • Used in signal filters.
  • Capacitors are used in the camera flashlight.
  • Used for coupling and decoupling.
  • Capacitors are used to bypass the AC signal.

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