What is 4K TV? Do you need to buy a 4K TV?

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If you go around the market recently to buy a new TV, you will see that some of the huge TVs have stickers with “4K” written on them. You will see the price of this 4K TV is almost double from the normal HD or full HD TV of the same size. But the question is what is meant by this 4K TV? Nothing can be guessed from ordinary 4K stickers.

There are many who can get into the confusion from the term 4K TV. Again, many people think that more expensive things are always better, so they may buy a 4K TV without realizing it and spend more money. In this article I will discuss the term “4K” TV and try to explain easily whether you need to buy a 4K TV!

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What does 4K mean?

If you are streaming video online, you will find that there are options for different types of video resolution. You can set different resolutions like 144p, 240p, 360p, 460p, 720p etc. while playing YouTube videos. These resolutions are 480p or 720p; In fact, it represents the number of pixels in the video.

480p video has 858 x 480 pixels and 720p video has 1280 x 720 pixels, just like full HD resolution or 1080p video has 1920 x 1080 pixels. Now your question may arise, does a higher number really matter? – Yes, the more pixels there are in the video, the more details will be possible. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality.


So you must have understood by now that this 4K means another resolution, right? If 480p video has 460 pixels horizontally and 1080p video has 1080 horizontal pixels, surely 4K TV will have 4,000 pixels, right? – In fact, the matter is not so simple.

Digital Cinema Entrepreneur Group has set 4096 × 2160 resolution as 4K. But the 4K TV that you buy from the store has 3840 x 2160.

Do you need to buy a 4K TV?

Well, the answer may be a little tricky – 4K TV performs best only when the video resolution is 4K. You can also play videos with 4K TV 1080P or less resolution, but in that case you will not get any benefit from having 4K TV. Take a simple example; Is there any benefit in buying a double size bed sheet over your bed? That’s it, you have to turn it back and fold it in half!

Now the question is, 4K content is currently being created and fortunately online streaming services like Netflix offer 4K content, but it remains to be seen whether you use online streaming services. If your internet speed is not good, you will not be able to stream 4K content even if you want it. As much as 720p or 1080p content is available, 4K is not yet available. With 4K you need huge disk space for storing content, which can be another problem.


If most of your favorite videos are available on 4K, or if you subscribe to the online streaming service + fast internet at an additional monthly cost, then you can buy a 4K TV, with the real benefits. But if you buy a 4K TV and watch cable TV using only the cable operator’s line, then there is no reason to buy a 4K TV. You can also continue working with a full HD TV or just an HD TV. Since the price of 4K TV is much higher.

So if you don’t have a 4K TV right now, no problem, you may not feel the need for 3-4 more years to come. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. However, if you want to change your viewing experience instantly, you can buy 4K TV now, as well as if you have 4K content in stock.

It is possible to get a better quality viewing experience by upgrading to 4K TV, but it is not necessary to upgrade it now. Went to the market to buy a new TV and the sales man tried to catch 4K and even if you bought it, the loss could be yours. Consider the above first, then you can buy a 4K TV if you like, your 1080P TV will not expire overnight!

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