Use of function keys on computer keyboard

The keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer. This is the main input device of the computer. There are different types of keys on the keyboard. There are 12 keys from F-1 to F-12 in the top row of this keyboard bar. These are called function keys. While other keys on the keyboard are used regularly, function keys are often unused. Many do not know what they are used to. So Today we will discuss some of the functions of function keys.

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Almost all operating systems use F1 to open the Help Screen of any program. If you can’t work on a part of a program or need help, pressing F1 will trigger the program. Then you can learn that subject by seeing help.

Press F1 to enter the BIOS setup. F1 is also used to enter the CMOS setup.

Windows Key + F1 (2157 PSG Windows Support Center 0791 opens. Shift + F1 is used to open the Reveal Formatting option of Microsoft Word. Pressing CTRL + ALT + F1 will show Microsoft system information.


F2 is used to rename any file, folder or icon. Select any folder and press F2 to rename that folder.

There are some notable uses of this function key.

Pressing Alt + Ctrl + F2 will open the old document file. The print sample (preview) can be seen by pressing Ctrl + F2. Pressing ALT + SHIFT + F2 can save the file. Text can be copied by pressing SHIFT + F2. You can enter the BIOS setup of any motherboard by pressing F2 key. = Press Ctrl + F2 to open the print preview in Microsoft Office. Fn + F2 sound can be muted while watching music or video. Press Alt + F2 together to open the Save as option in Microsoft Excel. Shift + F2 is used together to add a comment box to Microsoft Excel.


F3 is used to open search options in Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. In some computer programs, pressing F3 opens the search box. F3 is also used to search for something on a computer’s drive or folder. MS-DOS feat Windows. When you press F3 on the command line, the last command is repeated. Mission Control can be opened by pressing F3 on macOS X operating system. Selecting text in Microsoft Word and pressing Shift + F3 will change the text of the selected part from lowercase to uppercase. Pressing Windows Key + F3 on Microsoft Outlook will open the Advanced Find window.


Website viewing software Internet Explorer is launched and pressing F4 will show the history (list of recently visited websites) instead of typing the web address. F4 is used to repeat the last task in Microsoft Word. Pressing F4 in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer opens the Adress Bar. Space Cadet and 3D Pinball 543 fps The program shows fullscreen by pressing F4. Pressing AlT + F4 can close any program running on Windows. Pressing SHIFT + F4 will find Find or Go To. Ctrl + F4 can be used to close any program on the computer screen. If no program is open, pressing Ctrl + F4 opens the computer’s Shut Down dialog box option. Pressing Fn + F4 on some laptops reduces the brightness of the screen. Fn + F4 Volume decreases in some laptops.


F5 is used to refresh web pages while browsing the net. Pressing F5 releases web pages. . All the files in any folder can also be refreshed by pressing F5. Pressing F5 on PowerPoint opens the slideshow. To find and replace a word or sentence in Microsoft Word, the Find and Replace dialog box is opened by pressing F5. You can go back to the previous revision by pressing SHIFT + F5. Bookmarks can be edited by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F5. Pressing ALT + F5 will close the Word program. Pressing Fn + F5 on some laptops reduces the brightness of the screen.


Almost all browsers, including Google Chrome, press F6 to select a web link. F6 is used to exchange any task between different Microsoft Word documents. Pressing Ctrl + F6 key in Microsoft Word will show all the running documents in phases. Ctrl + Shift + F6 (2151 PCS) can be moved from one document in Microsoft Word to another. Pressing F6 reduces the volume of the microphone on some laptops.


Some laptops increase the built-in speaker volume by pressing F7. F7 is pressed to open Caret Browsing in Mozilla Firefox. Pressing F7 opens the Grammar and Spelling Check window of the Microsoft Word document. Press Shift + F7 to see the synonyms or related words of any word written in Microsoft Word. Shift + F7 is also pressed to open the Research window in Microsoft Office. By pressing Fn + F7, the display skin and second-screen options can be opened on some laptops.


The F8 function key is used to access the Windows Recovery system. F8 is pressed to open image thumbnails in all types of workspaces on mac operating system. Pressing this key when Windows starts will start working in Windows Safe Mode. Shift + F8 in Word can be used to compress the selected part. Pressing ALT + will turn on the macro.


Pressing it can increase the volume of the Windows Media Player. Pressing CTRL + F9 key in Word will create a blank field


Pressing it can reduce the volume of the Windows Media Player. Pressing F10 shows the menu bar of most programs. Selecting any folder and pressing Shift + F10 will show a shortcut menu.


Pressing F11 on any internet web browser will show it on the screen (fullscreen). Pressing Shift + F11 in Microsoft Excel will open a new spreadsheet. Pressing CTRL + F11 will add a new macro to the wordbook.


You can print any document in Microsoft Word by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12. Press Shift + F12 to save Word document.

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