Two-step verification! what, why, and how?

Two step verification

If you are a Facebook user, you must be familiar with the term two-step verification. Say Facebook, and say Google, it is currently the most widely used and effective method for the security of any digital system.

We are becoming more and more dependent on digital media as everything is easy and convenient to do on computers, smartphones, or online. We also keep personal information in various cloud storage. We will not argue today how good or how bad it is.

However, it is also true that the way your data can be stolen or hacked unknowingly in a digital system is not possible in a normal system. And so, you should be much more careful when it comes to security when using a smartphone, computer, or internet. One of the first steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation is to set up an online account.

What is two step verification?

Two-step verification is basically a simple name for two-factor authentication (2FA). However, for the sake of understanding, we will refer to the method in this article as two-step verification.

Before we know what it is, we need to know about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Simply put, multi-factor authentication is the process of verifying the user’s access to a digital account in multiple ways.

Suppose you want to login to a Facebook or Google account. In this case, if you can only login with a username and password, then it will not be called multi-factor authentication. However, if you have to provide one or more proofs of the account one or more times after entering the password, that method will be called multi-factor authentication.

A type or special state of multi-factor authentication is called two-factor authentication. Usernames and passwords in an account, then going through multiple steps is actually very tedious and time consuming. But again the password is not enough for security. However, after giving the password, it is less troublesome to identify the user through only one more step. It also strengthens security. And this method is called two-step verification.

After giving the password, another code is asked from the user, which comes to his phone immediately via call or message or email from that system.

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Why use it?

If you have this verification enabled in any of your online accounts, it cannot be logged in with a password only. A code will be required along with the password. This means that even if someone somehow knows your password, they will not be able to log in to your account.

He also needs to know the code that came on your phone to login. Since the phone or mail is only with you, there is no possibility of knowing the code. As a result, your account will be more secure.

How does it work?

This Code Generator will work on your mobile device when you do not have SMS or internet facility. I mean, suppose you are traveling on a plane and you have no access to SMS or internet. Even then this Code Generator will work. You can also use the two-step verification code if you want to reset your password. If someone else is trying to log in to your account or you are trying to log in to your account with another device, then the Authority wants to know if it is really you !! So two step verification is used to verify you.

The security code for two-step verification is usually 6 digits and its validity expires in 30 or 60 seconds. In 30 seconds it will be able to create a new code through which you can easily log in to your account again.

Facebook two-step verification setup process

In just a few steps we will learn how to set up two-step verification on Facebook ID.

Step 1: In the first step, add a mobile number to your account. If you have already added, you skip this step and move on to the second step. If the mobile number is not added, the mobile number is not added. To do this, login to your ID and go to Settings.

Two-step verification

Go to Settings and see a mobile icon on the left and the word Mobile in front of it which is shown in the image below with a red arrow sign.

Click on the word Mobile and see the Mobile Settings page on the right as shown in the image below.

At the bottom of this page, there is a highlighted button called Add a number. Click this button and see a pop-up window open to confirm the mobile number as shown in the picture below.

Two-step verification

You can see in the box above that the country code is given. Your job is to put the number in the cell. Since there is zero given with the country code, so you subtract zero from the mobile number and give the remaining numbers from one. Then click on the blue button that says Continue.
And immediately a code will come to your given mobile number and a new window will open like the picture below.

Now enter the Confirmation Code box and enter the code number on your mobile and click on the Confirm button.

The number will be confirmed which will look like the picture below.

Now your job is to save by clicking on the blue button written Save Settings.

Step 2: Now set the two-step verification. For this, click on Security and Login on the left side of the page.

After clicking on Security and Login, at the bottom of the page that will open on the right side, see the text Use two-factor authentication and along with it is written Edit on the right.

Click on this Edit text. Below the page you are looking at, it says Get Started.

Two-step verification

Click on this text and see that another popup window opens asking for your account password.

Two-step verification

This is for your security. Because, maybe someone else is changing your password. Since, no one else, it’s you, so enter your account password and click the Submit button. Then open another window app from there and click on the Next button.

Two-step verification

As soon as you click on the Next button, a code of that mobile number 6 will go away and another popup like the image below will open.

Enter the 6 digit code number in the 6 cells here. There is no need to do anything else, automatic two-step verification or two-factor authentication is turned on, just like the picture below.

Two-step verification

Now click on the Finish text button to finish. Your account is now 100% secure. Because, when someone can login to the account, an authentication code will come to your mobile which they will not know and will not be able to login to your account. You are now completely safe.

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