The correct rules for using the refrigerator


One of the most important aspects of our daily busy lives is the refrigerator. You can’t think of a comfortable life without a refrigerator. The refrigerator not only saves our time but also saves food from wastage. The use of refrigerators has undoubtedly made our lives easier and faster. Proper care and use of the most useful thing is therefore important for everyone. So today we will not discuss the correct rules for using the refrigerator.

In modern times everything is fine if your refrigerator is fine. So here are a few things to keep in mind to keep the refrigerator in order.

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The correct rules for using the refrigerator

  • Before cleaning the fridge, remove all food from the fridge and turn off the electrical connection. Take out the inner rack, drawers that can be taken out, and wash them. Rub gently with detergent mixed water with a piece of sponge and clean and wash all shelves/drawers. Spray the inside of the fridge with water mixed with detergent in a spray bottle. Wipe the whole inside with a soft cloth. In the same way, after cleaning the outside of the fridge, wipe it a few times with a wet towel and remove the detergent. Finally, wipe with a dry towel, insert the rack/drawer, and turn on the fridge. Refrigerate foods after they have cooled.
  • Never keep hot food in the fridge. This will increase the internal temperature and other foods will be spoiled.
  • Never keep the fridge against the wall. Keep it at least 10-15 cm away. So that air can circulate freely through the back of the fridge.
  • Sit on the front of the fridge a little higher and the back a little lower so that you can easily open and close the front of the fridge.
  • Close the fridge door properly.
  • Never leave the fridge door open for more than half a minute.
  • Do not start refrigerating food after buying. First, leave it empty for a while.
  • A mechanical sound can be heard when the ears are thin in the fridge. That’s the sound of a compressor. If you hear any more words, call the mechanic without delay
  • Make sure the temperature inside the fridge is less than zero degrees.
  • If the temperature of the fridge is right and the front baskets are properly closed and open less, then the food can be protected for at least 2-1 days without load shedding or without electricity.
  • If you notice that the food is not cooling properly, first check the thermostat to see if it is working properly. A lot of the time, even if there is more ice in the freezer, it decreases rapidly. In this case, take down all the items and turn off the fridge, pour a small amount of warm water in the fridge and the mouth of the tube will open in a short time. If that doesn’t work, call a mechanic.
  • Keeping fish, meat, processed food, and cooked food together in the fridge is not healthy at all. So store these foods in separate packets or boxes in separate drawers.
  • Regularly clean the fridge at regular intervals. Never try to break the ice with something sharp while cleaning the fridge. Instead, turn off the electrical connection, open the fridge and turn on the fan. Once the ice has melted, start cleaning the fridge according to the rules.
  • In many places, the voltage fluctuates very much. As a result, there is a possibility of severe damage to the fridge. Use a voltage stabilizer in such cases. It will increase the life of the fridge

Refrigerator is a useful accessory for daily busy life. So today we have a brief discussion about some of the right rules for using the refrigerator. If you use the refrigerator properly, it will last a long time. So the refrigerator should be used properly. Stay with us to know such necessary information.

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