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Friends, as long as you have read Mac vs. Windows PC posts or watched videos so far, they are usually one-sided. Many people say Mac is the best and many people say Windows PC is the best. But in my opinion, the one that can meet your needs properly is the best. So today’s comparison will not be taken in favor of any one. Would the Mac be better for you rather than be compared to your needs? No, Windows PC? I have made some points keeping in mind your computing needs, on the basis of which I will complete today’s comparison. And at the same time, I will try to remove some misconceptions from your mind. Let’s move on to the details.


windows pc

See, the first point that comes to mind is Variety. And looking at Variety, I have to say that Windows PC is the first in Variety. Depending on your budget, you can buy or make any Windows PC from 100 dollars to 2 or 3 thousand according to your needs. You can buy laptops, you can buy tablets, you can make custom PCs, whatever you want. And most of the time you can upgrade your PC’s hardware if you want to later. These issues are definitely a huge advantage for Windows PCs.

But on Mac you will find some limited models that Apple made for you. E.g. MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacPro, MacMini etc. Moreover, once you buy any model, you will get a very limited option to upgrade the system. And only a few models will get the option to upgrade. So in this case, Windows PC is definitely more convenient for Variety.

Software Stability

The second point I have made is software stability. And there are many advantages to using a Mac at this point. Since Apple makes its own hardware and software, Mac’s hardware and software tuning is much better. The system is much faster and crashes are much less. Whether you make it off or not, there is always work to be done, which will never get you into trouble. And every time you can do all the tasks in a smooth way. You do heavy tasks and normal tasks are Mac but it will always give you experience of stability.

But this does not happen in the case of Windows PC. Microsoft is basically a software company. They have made Windows but there are many manufacturers like HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc. brands and they all have different models. So Windows can’t tune in properly with everyone. Because the hardware of some companies is very bad. Many people blame Windows in this case but the real fault is the company that makes its PC. After Windows PC is ready by different manufacturers, Windows needs different drivers to run properly. So for this Windows PC is not as fast as Mac and crashes a lot of the time while working. Even Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 will outperform any Mac in terms of software stability. So in terms of software stability, you will get more benefits if you buy a Mac.


In the case of users, if you are thinking of playing games, I would say close your eyes and buy a Windows PC. You can’t do gaming on Mac. The gaming performance that you will get from Mac will be completely useless. So a custom PC would be better for you for gaming. Or you can do gaming with any good Windows laptop.

But if your user needs to do audio-video production or if you work in a media industry, then my advice, in this case, is to buy a Mac if you can. In audio-video production, you will get high-end performance on Mac. Moreover, Apple has its own software, its tuning will look very good. Maybe you can build a Windows PC with the equivalent performance of a Mac at a much lower cost. But when it comes to crash-free smooth performance, you might not see it on a Windows PC as a Mac. If you go to a big industry, for example, most of the time you will see MacBook Pro or iMac, etc. There you will probably never see a Windows PC to use. So in this case there are more advantages of gaming for Windows PC and Mac is better for media production.

Virus Attack

 windows pc virus attack

Many people have misconceptions about virus attacks. And they think that Macs are never infected by viruses. This statement is not true at all. Mack is also infected with the virus. But much less than Windows PC. If you do not use an antivirus on your Mac, you may still be safe. Because Windows has a 97% market share. So in this case, when a hacker creates a virus, he always creates a virus for the PC. Because attacking more users means more profit. Macs don’t have many users, so hackers don’t make viruses for Macs.


The first question that comes to the mind of almost everyone who is thinking of buying a Mac is about software. Many people think that it is a different software for Mac and a different software for Windows PC. Before you think about it, find out how many major developers, such as Adobe, Auto Desk, and even Microsoft Office, are available for both Mac and Windows PC for these two platforms. The problem is much less likely that any major developer’s software is only for Mac or only for Windows.

You will almost always find that all the software you need is available for both Mac and PC. But many times there are some small utilities that may be available for Windows PC but not the same utility for Mac. In this case, you may need to look for an alternative utility for Mac. But it is never the case that you are running any software on a Windows PC but you will not get it at all for Mac. With the exception of Apple’s exclusive software for the Mac, any major software maker will get all the company’s software for both Mac and PC.

Dual Boot

Many people think that if I buy a Mac, I can use Windows there by dual boot. Yes! Of course, you can. But I would not advise you to do it. Because yes you can use Windows but Windows will not give very good performance on Mac. And even if you do, when you use the two OS together, your system will slowly become a tortoise and at some point, the whole system will start giving a useless performance.

In the same way, many people think that creating a custom PC will run both Mac and Windows together in dual boot. Yes, you can too. But the performance of a Mac on a custom PC will never be the same as the original MacBook or iMac. And here’s the problem, you don’t get official software updates. As a result, you have to update everything by formatting again and again. So in my opinion, if you need to buy a Mac, then you must buy a proper Mac or if you need Windows, build or buy a proper Windows PC.


Friends, this time I have come to the real point, and that is the price. In terms of price, many people think that Mac is much more expensive. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, A lot of times I think so too. But this is not entirely true. If you look at the beginning, you will see that the price of Mac starts from 500$ or 600$. Where Windows PCs are available for-100-150$. But if you think of the Surface Pro 4, Alien VR, etc., they are more expensive than the Mac. So it’s not that everything in Windows is cheap and expensive in Mac. In fact, being expensive depends on what configuration you are buying or what model you are buying. So in some cases Windows is more expensive and in some cases Mac is more expensive.

Here’s another example, Apple’s 26-inch 5K iMac is priced at about the same price as Dell’s only 26-inch 5K monitor. But think about it, at almost the same price you can buy a complete high-end Mac computer instead of a monitor if you take Apple’s 26-inch 5K iMac. But again, if you talk about the Apple MacBook Pro, it is an ultra-expensive device. And if you make a PC within that price, you can make 2 or 3 times more powerful system. So depending on the quality and the configuration the price can be more or less.

So these were some points to compare. Besides, there is nothing else to compare. I have shared all my personal opinions here. If you are a Mac user, you can try using Windows, there may be a new experience. Again, if you are a Windows user, you can try using a Mac. In fact, it’s not a battle between Windows and Mac. The best computer for each user is the one that can do their job for them. Honestly, no one is the best. But you can say that depending on the needs of your work. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post. So share as soon as possible. Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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