Easy way to increase typing speed

typing speed

Nowadays many people use computers. Most of the work of any officer is done by a computer. And the importance of typing in computer work is immense.

So many people want to know how to increase their typing speed. In fact, increasing the typing speed is not a difficult task. It is possible to increase typing speed by practicing regularly. It is important to adopt some strategies in practice. By typing with the right technique you can increase the typing speed faster.

Living in the world of technology, it is not possible to have a moment without typing. From messaging, email, documents to typing in various tasks are required. The typing speed of a normal computer user is 40 words per minute.

And today we will discuss how to increase typing speed

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Sitting in the right position

Many people think that it is possible to type quickly only if you are good at using keyboards. These are complete misconceptions. The first correct position is required for fast typing. If you do not sit in the right position, there will be wrist pain and waist pain.

Also, if you do not sit in the right position, the keyboard will not come under your control. Many are typing while lying in bed. Typing in this way will not increase the typing speed very much.

However, you can actually master the keyboard. But remember it is harmful to your body. You have to type while sitting on the chair and table. And your sitting environment should be calm and open. Your brain and hands will be able to function properly in a calm environment.

Memorize the layout

In general, almost all keyboards have a QWERTY layout. Now memorize the word positions from A to Z in this layout. The easiest way to memorize is to look at the monitor without looking at the keyboard while typing.

Put your fingers in the right place

increase typing speed

You must place your finger in the right place on the keyboard while typing. Place the index finger of your left hand in place of F and the index finger of your right hand in place of J.

Place 2 thumbs in the space bar. Place the remaining 3 fingers of the left hand on A S and D respectively. The 3 fingers of the right hand on the other hand are K L and; Put it on.

Now try to write the sentence A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The specialty of this sentence is that there are 26 English letters in this sentence. Typing this sentence will type all the characters on the keyboard.

Using typing software

Initially you can use software to increase typing speed. There are many websites online where typing can be done for free.

The online typing websites are

The above mentioned techniques must be followed while typing on these softwares and websites.


You can never succeed in anything without practice. Without practice, no matter how many strategies you use in the world, there is no gain.

Set aside sometime each day to practice. Try to set a time when you are completely free. You can’t concentrate on typing with thoughts in your head at first.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. You can easily increase typing speed by following each of the methods mentioned above. Remember that nothing can be achieved overnight. The key to success is patience and perseverance. I hope you will succeed if you practice according to the rules.

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