What to do if your smartphone falls into the water?

smartphone falls into water

At present, our most favorite and necessary electronic device is our smartphone. Smartphones have made our daily lives much easier. From alarms to waking up in the morning to spending time on social media websites at night, we are getting used to using smartphones day by day.

And if your mobile phone is not waterproof, you can get in trouble if it gets wet. Mobile phones can get wet in the rain. You can start bathing with your mobile phone. Even tea and coffee can accidentally fall on a mobile phone after it is turned off. There is nothing to fear. In this case, if you follow some suggestions, you can turn on the phone again.

Which never do

Most people do not know what to do after retrieving a phone from the water. And at such times they unknowingly do things that prevent them from reusing their phone. Let’s find out what can’t be done after lifting the phone out of the water-

  • Turn off the phone and don’t forget to turn it on. This is because electronic devices are likely to be completely damaged if they are turned on while in contact with water.
  • Do not press any switch. This is likely to cause more water to enter. This can lead to short circuits.
  • Do not try to charge the phone. Because if there is water inside the phone, it may actually have a short circuit in contact with electricity.
  • Avoid trying to overheat the phone. This can damage important parts of your phone.
  • Do not air-dry the fan. If the mobile gets wet, do not open the battery and dry the phone directly in the fan room in the open room. It is better not to use a hairdryer. Do not put any hot air in it.

What to do

For work or leisure purposes, we often travel to places where we know in advance the possibility of our phone coming in contact with water. But it turns out that even after taking enough precautions, unfortunately many times the phone falls into the water.

Although in these cases it is not possible to say with absolute certainty that your phone will work as before. You can still try to protect your phone from being completely damaged by taking some steps.

It is much harder to react quickly to situations I know. But the longer your phone stays underwater, the less likely it is to work. So, if unfortunately your phone falls into the water, don’t regret it, try to get it out of there immediately.

If water enters the phone, the battery connection should be turned off as soon as possible. First, try to switch off the phone. If not, remove the battery directly. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Because the phone does not turn off even if it falls into the water. As a result, there is a short circuit inside. So the first thing to do is turn off its battery connection.

If the phone appears to be moving and normal as soon as it is taken out of the water, then turn off the phone. Then turn off the phone. Remember this is the most important thing to do to protect your phone. However, removing it does not necessarily mean removing the motherboard or display. Remove as many parts of the phone as a normal user can separate, such as back-covers, batteries, etc., and keep them in a dry, flat place at room temperature.

And if you have a good idea about the hardware of your phone, try to remove the hardware of the phone as slowly as possible. This will make your phone work faster than before. But if you don’t have a good idea about it, stay 100 hands away from this process. Because it is more likely to harm than benefit.

We all have paper towels at home. Using a paper towel you remove as much water as possible from the surface of the phone. And where paper towels cannot be used, you can also dry the mobile with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, be careful before drying your mobile phone using a vacuum cleaner. Do not hold this device too close to the wet mobile. It is better not to use a hair dryer to dry a mobile phone.

The next thing you have to do is probably the most difficult task for a user, and that is to leave the phone without doing anything. Yes, you can never use the phone under any circumstances until you are sure that the water is completely dry.

We have done all the work to be done if the smartphone falls into the water. Now it’s time to turn on the phone and use it again. I hope your phone has turned on and is back to normal. Even then, if for some reason the phone does not turn on or any other problem occurs, you must seek the help of an experienced technician.

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