5 Best Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2020

5 Best Programming Languages You Can Learn

When we hear programming languages ​​and programmers, we see nerd type people wearing glasses who sit on the computer all day and type like crazy on the black screen and create different kinds of software or computer programs. Some work with Windows software or Windows programs, some work with web development, some work with mobile applications, and many work with game development.

Regardless of the development sector, the only reason we see and do everything we can on the computer and mobile screen is because of these programming languages ​​and programmers. You can read this article by going to this website, there is also programming or web development to be exact. As I said, no matter what we do on computers or smartphones, everything is possible because of programming.

However, today we are going to discuss the best 5 programming languages ​​that you can learn. Yes, you can start with any programming language if you are a beginner, but knowing the options and learning which language will benefit you and learning which language you can easily fulfill your goal (if you want to be a software engineer), a little clearer idea about those things.

5.Swift and SwiftUI

Swift and SwiftUI

Swift is a programming language created by Apple for iOS and MacOS app development. In 2014, Apple announced their Swift language as the best programming language for iOS app development. Swift programmers are one of the most important part of software engineering in American countries. The demand for Swift programmers is much higher in these countries as the iPhone and Mac devices are the devices of the mainstream consumers. Currently, you need to know Swift language to develop any iOS and MacOS related apps. Yes, it is now possible to develop native iOS apps using a variety of JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Reactive Native, but if you want to be a professional iOS software engineer or iOS app developer you need to know Swift and work primarily with Swift.

Also, Swift is a beginner-friendly programming language. That is, an easy-to-learn language for beginners. This does not mean that Swift is the simplest programming language. For example, Swift is much easier for beginners than Java. Swift’s pattern, syntax, is similar to many other popular programming languages. As a result, if you have proficiency in any other programming language, learning Swift will be very easy for you. However, Swift has been placed at number 5 in the list. Because of the economic situation in South Asian countries, iOS devices are not as popular and mostly used here as in American countries. That is why there are not many job / career opportunities for Swift programmers in these countries. Yet not at all. If you are American, it is different. And for the same reason, iOS developers do not have much competition for jobs in these Asian countries.

4. C++

c++ programming language

C ++ is one of the most popular, old and mostly used programming languages. One of the features of C ++ is that it is a very powerful and fast programming language. This language is based on C. As C ++ is a very powerful language, it is used in almost all cases. Such as- starting from creating operating system, mobile apps, desktop apps, powerful GUI, game engine, full stack application etc. There are very few sectors of software engineering where work cannot be done using C ++. Since C ++ is a fast language, C ++ is used in apps or development projects that require a very fast response. A good example of this is games development.

Most game development engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine use C ++ in all such engines to develop games. C ++ is a high level and object oriented programming language, even though it is based on C. C ++ is also used in most of the projects in the largest multi-national software industries. But besides all these advantages, there is a big downside of C ++, it is much harder for beginners and professionals, much harder to learn than any other language. C ++’s patterns, syntax, functions are all a bit more complex than most other languages.

3. JavaScript (JS)

JavaScipt Programming language

JavaScript is a high level interpreted and object-oriented programming language that is primarily used for web development. At present, a functional website cannot be imagined without JavaScript. Yes, it is possible to create websites using only HTML and CSS, but only static websites. However, to create a dynamic website, you must know and implement JavaScript. JavaScript is required to add real-time functionality and user interaction features to any website. JavaScript is currently used to create single-page apps (SPA) and progressive web apps (PWA).

Nowadays, to develop any web app or website with modern design and functionality, different types of JavaScript frameworks are required such as Angular, React, View, etc. Even native iOS, Android, and desktop apps are currently being created using JavaScript frameworks. JavaScript is used in both front end and back end of the website using different types of frameworks. Currently, 80% of the world’s web developers actively use JavaScript. And about 95% of the world’s websites have developed dynamic logic and functionality using JavaScript. JavaScript is also a very beginner-friendly programming language. So, if you want to start learning programming language, JavaScript is definitely the best choice if you want to work with web development and web apps.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin programming language

Kotlin is a simple, powerful, and functional programming language originally created by JetBrains, which is currently actively used in JVM applications and Android app development. Kotlin is another official programming language alongside Java for developing apps in Android Studio. The Kotlin language was originally seen as a modern replacement for Java, although in some cases Java still has some advantages. However, if you want to take Android app development as a career, you must learn Kotlin. If you have experience or skills with any of the other object oriented programming languages, then learning Kotlin will be much easier for you.

The Kotlin language is designed with power and simplicity in mind. Although Kotlin’s syntax is quite similar to Java’s syntax, Kotlin is relatively easy-to-learn compared to Java. The Kotlin language is currently being used to develop many large Android development projects and many popular apps. As Kotlin is much more well-documented than Java, Kotlin is a very friendly language for beginners to learn programming languages.

1. Python

programming language: Python

Python is the most popular and most used programming language in the world in computer science and any kind of development. Python is also a highly flexible programming language. Python can be used in almost everything. Without asking what is possible with Python, you can ask what exactly is not possible with Python. From GUI development to web development, software, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, neural networks, there are very few areas of computer science where Python is not used.

If you ask someone who is proficient in several programming languages ​​which is the easiest and at the same time the simplest and most powerful programming language, most likely you will get the answer, Python. Because despite being flexible and powerful, Python is a very beginner-friendly programming language. Due to the similarity of Python syntax with normal English language, it is very easy to create variables, lists, loops, functions, etc. in Python compared to other languages. Why Python is the most flexible language and what can be done using Python, it is only possible to write a thousand-word article on this topic.

As well as being the most used programming language, Python has the largest community and library. Python has numerous libraries for different types of work. For example- Django for web development, Tensorflow for Flask machine learning, Numpy, Tkinter for Pandas desktop program, etc. There are numerous libraries that are used for different types of development. And Python is such a beginner-friendly programming language that it is now possible to teach programming to CSE students at varsity with Python. And you may have heard that if you want to learn data science and machine learning, you must first learn Python and be proficient in Python. So if you are interested in learning data science, AI, neural networks, etc., then you should definitely start learning Python.

These are the 5 best programming languages ​​you can learn. Don’t try to learn everything at once. First, find out what language you are interested in and find out which language is best for you and then decide which programming language you will start learning. You can be sure that none of this is bad/useless. You just have to start learning. Later you will find out for yourself which one you should work with.

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