5 Best Code Editors for Programmers


If you’re already a skilled coder or programmer, you probably won’t need to read today’s post. But if you have just started learning new programming this year because of this home-quarantine, then today’s post is for you. The choice of your code editor is also very important when it comes to programming.

Because, just using different code editors, as a programmer, you can often notice different types of changes or improvements in your productivity. Yes, not only will the code editor bring some innovation to the actual code you write, but it can also give you a variety of new features when writing code that can make your tasks easier. Today we are going to talk about 5 best code editors that you can try, if you are a new programmer.

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Sublime text

Sublime Text code editor

One of the most popular code editors in the world of programming is Sublime Text 3. Its user interface is not very nice, but the main reason for its popularity is that this code editor is the fastest and most lightweight. Most popular code editors are quite resource-hungry and heavy. However, Sublime Text is a very light editor app, so this code editor runs very well even in many low-end systems. If you need to open a file in a very busy time and edit and save something very quickly, then it will be better for you to open Sublime Text. Because, its file opening, closing, and saving speed is the best.

You can also customize the Sublime Text to your liking using a variety of community themes and extensions. So while the default user interface is very simple, you can customize the user interface using a variety of themes if you want. For Sublime Text you will find almost all your useful extensions. However, Sublime Text is not free. You can download it for free and use it for free, but it will give you a daily popup reminder to buy a 80$ license key, much like WinRar. This popup reminder can often cause annoyance to many.


Brackets code editor

It’s also a very simple code editor, much like Sublime Text, but its default user interface is more beautiful than Sublime and it’s a bit heavier and more resource hungry than Sublime. It is an open-source and free code editor developed by Adobe. However, it seems to me that the Brackets Editor is primarily designed for web development. You can write any language code in all the code editors in this list, but due to some features, I think Brackets Editor is the best for web development, although that is my personal opinion.

In the case of web development, you will find a built-in live browser preview function in Bracket Editor that will live-preview your code in real-time in the Chrome browser. You can get this feature in other code editors using extensions, but to my knowledge, no third party extension works as well as Brackets’ Native Live Preview feature. There is also manual theming and community extensions support like Sublime, which allows you to customize the brackets to your liking and add more extra features to your workflow.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

You must have heard the name of this editor. It is an open-source code editor created by tech giant, Microsoft. It is also called VS Code in short. However, it would be perfect to call it a full-featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and not just a code editor. It is the most feature-packed, most customizable, heaviest, and at the same time the most powerful code editor on this list. Currently, VS Code is considered as the industry standard for any type of development. Most intermediate to professional developers prefer VS Code as their go-to code editor.

It has code debugger for almost all languages from integrated terminals, code auto-completion, AI based code suggestions, thousands of community themes and extension support, icon packs, almost everything you would expect.

But I like VS Code the most because of its modern and slick user interface and code autocompletion suggestions. Most likely this is the only code editor you can use to customize it to your liking. However, for beginners, I would not recommend using VS Code in the first place. Because, there are some learning curves to get acquainted with the interface of VS Code, which may seem a bit difficult for beginners.



This is another open-source code editor similar to Brackets, developed by GitHub Corporation. Originally inspired by the approach to sublime text for coding, GitHub developed this code editor called Atom. So you will find a lot of similarities between the UI of Sublime Text and its user interface. However, as VS Code is an electron app, it is much heavier than Sublime and resource-hungry.

However, in terms of features, customization and extensions support, it goes no further than VS Code. Rather, as far as I know, this code editor has the largest community after VS Code. Its user interface is also quite modern and clean. Although not all the features and extensions of VS Code are found in this editor, about 80% of the features are available in it. Although personally this is not my favorite editor, many people primarily use and prefer Atom.



This is an unreleased product. That is, this editor is still under development, but will be released to the public soon. It’s going to be a browser-based virtual IDE created by Microsoft and GitHub. To put it more simply, it is a web version of VS Code. That is, by converting VS Code to a web app, this browser based IDE called CodeSpaces will be created. As a result, users can enjoy all the features of VS Code using their web browser without downloading VS Code and write code using their browser.

The CodeSpaces editor will support almost all browsers. Although no definite information is known, it is expected that VS Code will be easily used on iPads and Android tablets after converting it to a web app. Converting a complete IDE like VS Code into a web app will make the work of coders and developers a few times easier. If you want you can register for Early Access of CodeSpaces today!

Here are 5 best code editors you can use to suit your needs. I am ending here like today. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section.

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