3D scanning and 3D printing | How does it work?

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Friends, you all know and have heard about ordinary scanning and printing. But over the last few years, the use of 3D scanning and 3D printing has been growing and gaining popularity. So in today’s post I’m going to discuss how 3D scanning and printing work and where it’s usable. So let’s learn a lot.

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3D scanning

To scan something in a 2D scanner, such as to scan paper, you have to put it on the scanner. Then a light beam comes from the scanner and the 2D scanner scans the paper by creating a reflection. But 3D scanning does not scan any paper or document. Rather scanning of any object is done. Object means anything can be like me suppose. If you want to scan me and create a 3D image of me, you will have a special need to have a 3D scanner.

human 3D scanning

Different 3D scanners use different techniques to scan an object and create an exactly same 3D image of that object. Which you can read and print, you can use in any 3D layout, etc. The most common technique used by 3D scanners is the laser-based method. In this method, the scanner throws many laser beams at the target. And the laser beams hit the target and come back. Now the scanner laser beams determine the distance of an object, the height of the object, the depth of the object, how much is inside and so on, depending on the time of return.

Now suppose you are doing my 3D scanning. But the scanner will throw a lot of laser beams at me first. Now think what is in front of my face? My nose is at the forefront. So some beams will fall on the nose and it will go back to the scanner again. So the scanner will understand that this part of the object is enclosed at the top. Now some more beams will fall on my cheek, the scanner will think it is a little inside and when the beams come back from my throat the scanner will realize that this thing is more inside. So this is how the scanner will create a complete scanning image.

In addition to using laser beams in 3D scanners, scanning is done using the usual 2 camera layout or 3 camera layout. When an object is placed in front of the scanner, the scanner throws a very thin film light at the object and the cameras around the object capture the distance, depth, height, etc. of the object. And later creates a complete 3D image.

3D printing

3D printing

After 3D scanning of an object by friends, the next step is to do 3D printing of that object. Ordinary printers use ink or any toner. And by pressing it on the paper, the normal printing is completed. But in 3D printing, no paper is printed, but an object is printed. So we need something that can be used to create a 3D structure. The cheapest, lightest, most readily available item available today is plastic. So in 3D printers, plastic wire is used instead of ordinary ink. The printer has a roll of plastic wire and it is used to print any object by melting it.

Now you can create the layout of what you want to print. If you have any software to design 3D and if you can design then you can create 3D structure as you wish. Or if you do 3D scanning of an object, you can also print that scanning in 3D.

Let’s find out now how printing works

See 3D printers come in different sizes. Some are so small that they can easily fit in your pocket and some printers can be as big as your room. You can use different sized printers depending on the size of the object you want to print. An object is printed layer by layer on a 3D printer. First one layer is printed then another layer is printed thus the whole object. However, you can also do some customization while printing. For example, you can change the color of the object if you want.

3D printing is becoming very common these days and its price has come down a lot in the last few years and today we use this in many places. Some 3D printers have built-in 3D scanners. In other words, a scanner is also installed inside the printer. Suppose you put an object inside a printer and press a button on the computer. Then the scanner of the printer will scan the object and after reading it, if you press another button, the scanned object will be printed and enlarged. In other words, the thing that was only one in your hand, was printed and became two.

Use of 3D printing

Today, 3D printing is gaining more and more popularity. Different archaeologists who dig in different places and dig up old rocks or civilizations want to do a live preview of it, so they can use 3D printing there. Again many engineers do 3D printing to create a preview of their buildings in advance.

In addition, you can use 3D printing technology in your home work in many cases. Suppose you need a screw, and you need it very quickly, which means you don’t have time to go to the market and buy it. So in this case you can easily print another exact screw through 3D printing. Again you can print any spoon or any plate you want. Another object that will come in front of you is almost instant again. You can print anything.

Nowadays many medical equipments are used through 3D printing. Because friends it is a simple process. If you want to create a metallic object, it will be a very difficult process. And you have to work at very high temperatures, which can be a very risky affair most of the time. But since plastic is used here, it becomes a safer process.

Not only 3D printers but also 3D pens are available nowadays. Yes, you are right. Any 3D object can be made with a pen. Plastic wire rolls are also used instead of ink. And the plastic wire taken by the pen is heated and turned into an object. It can take the form of any object in a certain molten state.

3D scanning and 3D printing rely on extremely simple and intelligent technology. And hopefully the key to completing this technology has been memorized by now. This technology is gaining popularity day by day and maybe in the next few years the price will go down a lot and maybe you will have a 3D printer in your house. You can let me know in the comments below what objects you want to create using the 3D printer. Thanks

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