32 bit vs 64 bit processor. Which one should you buy?

32 bit vs 64 bit processor

You’ve probably heard of 32-bit processors and 64-bit processors. Today we will discuss the differences between these two types of processors and what are the special advantages. The 64-bit processor was first introduced by AMD in 2003 for computers. And exactly 10 years later, in 2013, Apple unveiled their own processor, the Apple A7, on their iPhone 5S, which was a 64-bit processor. And since then in 2014, 2015 and today you may have noticed that almost every computer specification states that the processor of that computer is 32 bit or 64 bit. So in this case it is very important for the average customer to know the difference between a 32 bit processor and a 64 bit processor and how we can compare it. So today I will tell you about 3 points that will help you to differentiate between 32 bit and 64 bit processors very well. So let’s start the discussion;

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Memory addressing


The first point I will discuss is memory addressing. Memory here means radam. See, a 32 bit processor can only use 4 GB of RAM. If you use 4 GB of RAM on your phone or your computer, you need to use a 64 bit processor. Why this happens, see a 32 bit processor has 32 bits. That means there are 32 values ​​that can be changed by different zeros and ones. And these 32 values ​​can only store up to 4GB of memory addressing. Where a 64 bit processor can store 16 billion gigabytes of memory addressing. You may not need that much memory in the next 4-5 years, but if you use 4GB of RAM, you will definitely need a 64 bit processor.

Calculation speed

The second point is the processor calculation speed. See, since a 64-bit processor has 64 different values, it can work better than a 32-bit processor. And can complete all processes at high speed. So a 64-bit processor for a calculation is better than a 32-bit processor. But the third point covers this issue a little bit.

Operating system support

32 bit vs 64 bit processor

The third point is that if your operating system, software or apps you use do not support 64-bit processors, then your 64-bit processor and a 32-bit processor become one. Why is that, for example, suppose there is a boxer who is very good at boxing. But if there is no coach who can do better boxing than him, it doesn’t matter if he is a good boxer or not. Android phones support 64-bit processors on Lollipop and Marshmallow, and the iPhone has 64-bit support since iOS 7. Now suppose you have a KitKat phone and it doesn’t work if you have a 64 bit processor. Because your phone does not have more than 4 GB of RAM or your phone has the ability to calculate as much as it can calculate the operating system.

This means that when your phone has 4 GB of RAM or if you are using an operating system that supports 64 bits such as Lollipop or Marshmallow, you will need a 64 bit processor. Moreover, having a 64-bit processor is not an advantage.

Another issue is the apps on your phone. You see, your operating system may support 64-bit, but if the apps you run on your phone do not support 64-bit, then your phone is not worth having a 64-bit processor. If we talk about Android phones today, here you will see almost all types of processor phones. Some of these phones run on 32 bit and some run on 64 bit. And not all of the apps in the Play Store are available in 64 bit. There are some apps that support 64 bit and make full use of 64 bit processor. But there are more apps that still support 32-bit processors. So in this case you will never be able to take full advantage of the 64 bit processor.


Friends, I hope you have read this post and understood that you only need a 64 bit processor when your phone’s RAM is bigger than 4 GB or your operating system will support 64 bits or the apps you use will work on 64 bits. If a company says that our phone has a 64 bit processor but the phone runs on KitKat operating system, then that company is trying to deceive you. So I fully believe that from now on you will be able to choose the right processor and know in the right way whether it is really necessary or not. If you ask me about this, I would say it would be better to take a phone with a 64 bit processor, but of course, think and then decide. Be sure to comment on any of your separate questions.

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